About Us

About ZQRacing

ZQRacing is the ultimate premium seating solution for you.

we are Australian Owned & Operated Premium Gaming & Office Chair Brand.

With inspiration taken from racing car seats, ZQRacing chairs are designed and made with a clear focus on ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality perfection. They not only look good, but are well designed to relieve and reduce physical and repetitive stress, while providing exceptional spine support for greater health and better quality of life.

At ZQRacing, we deal with seating seriously. All of our models have been specifically adapted to varying demands and situations of high use. Whether for gaming purposes or use in your office; whether you are looking for optimum body support or revitalising comfort; and whether you like radical or classic design, there is a premium ZQRacing chair for you! We have a wide range of options, each specifically designed to fit your unique circumstances, your build, weight and body figure.

Also known as ZQ Gaming Chair, ZQRacing is a division of ZQ Australia and proudly carry the rectangle logo of ZQ brand.