Shopping Guide & FAQs

Q: What are the differences between ZQRacing from ordinary office and racing style chair?

A: Unlike most of other branded or non-branded chairs which predominantly originated from Overseas. ZQRacing is an Australian Owned and Operated Company provides ultimate solution for better seating. Our chairs are designed in Australia to suit Australian Conditions and made to be stylish, of flawless workmanship, comfortable and durable.  They are not only look good,  but well designed and manufactured to relieve physical stress and provide exceptional spine support for greater health and better quality of life.

As an Australian brand, all services are handled here other than Overseas and we value your feedback on the chairs and make further improvements based on your gaming experiences.

Q: There are so many choices, which model I should go?

A: The real best way to find out is to sit in one of these chairs, that’s why we bring our chairs to the community at Pax Australia and Supanova. However for most people wouldn’t be able to join the parties with us, here are some general tips:

We use the BMI index which wildly used to determine the boby shapes.

Slim: < 18.5

Average or Athletic: 18.5 – 24.9

Above Average or Athletic: 25 – 29.9

Above Average+: ≥ 30

There are three different fitting for our chairs: Slim, Medium and Wide.

Ideal body shape for each chair:

Slim chairs: Slim, Average

Medium chairs: Slim, Average, Athletic

Wide Chairs: Average, Athletic, Above Average

For example, 180cm and 80kgs give a BMI Score of 24.7 sits in Average range which you could be fit in any of our chairs the question would be how tight you want to be “hugged”.

165cm and 80kgs give a BMI Score of 29.4 sits in Above Average but you could also be Athletic if you goes to Gym a lot. You are suggested to  choose from Medium to Wide fitting chairs. 

For more infomation on BMI Index, please visit:


SeriesFittingSoftness IndexWeight LimitRecom. HeightRecom. WeightMinimum Sitting Height
GamerSlimMedium Soft150kg<183cm<90kg41cm
V6 RacerSlimMedium Firm150kg<183cm<100kg42cm
Hyper SportMediumMedium  Soft150kg<190cm<130kg43cm
Hyper Sport ConsoleMediumMedium  Soft150kg>173cm, <190cm<130kg50cm
Alien XLWideMedium180kg>173cm, <195cm<150kg51cm
UltraWideSoft220kg>173cm, <200cm<180kg51cm

Q: I like the chairs but I don’t play PC games.

A: Our chair is designed for better seating and can be used in all seating related activities. It’s great for console gaming; desk related jobs; and even for your lounge, meeting room and office. You can sit in it, Lean back in it or even lying in it. It is just a very comfortable and supportive chair which everyone can enjoy.

Q: What is ZQRacing’s warranty policy?

A: We offer lifetime warranty for the steel frame and 2 years for the whole chair (Exclude wears & tears of fabric).
We also offer lifetime support in case of expired or non-warranty issues, which you can buy replacement parts of your chair at a fraction cost.
We stock chairs and parts in our local warehouses, services and repairs are carried out locally so you don’t have to wait for sending stuff overseas to get it fixed.
For Details, refer to Warranty Policy.

Q: When and how will my order be shipped?

A: Normal orders are shipped via major freighter TNT, Toll, Australia Post etc. which of them will depends on your location,  normally within one to three business day after the payment is made. Special and back orders will be given estimated waiting time and normally will be shipped out once the stock become available with notice.

PO Boxes and Parcel lockers are not accepted for chair purchase, simply the box is too large to be handled by AusPost.

If you using Afterpay Or Zippay, the item will be shipped right after you placed the order, even if you didn’t pay anything yet.

Typical Transit Time:

Metro Area: QLD, NSW: 1-3 business days; ACT, VIC, TAS: 2-4 business days; SA, WA, NT: 5-8 business days. For Non-metro areas, usually add 1-3 days.

Q: Do I have to pay for shipping and what are the differences between shipping methods?

A: We provide free shipping service to most Australian addresses, there are multiple shipping methods you can choose from to best suit your situation. For details, please refer to Delivery information.

Q: What is ZQRacing’s refund and exchange policy?

A: Change of mind is generally Ok when you return the goods unused within 30 days of received the delivery. For details, please refer to our Terms and conditions.

Q: I have problems check-out with AfterPay, OpenPay or ZipPay.

A: It is highly recommend you to register an account with AfterPay, OpenPay or Zippay before place an order as credit approval may take up to 1-3 days.
When you place an order, in your Cart click on “proceed to checkout” and select payment method in next page.

Make sure to fill all information required and choose a shipping method (shipping method only available after all required information filled).

If you using Afterpay Or Zippay, the item will be shipped right after you placed the order, even if you didn’t pay anything yet.

If you encounter error message when check-out with your mobile device, try again on a PC.

If the website didn’t redirect at check-out, double check your browser settings and make sure it didn’t block pop-ups from We recommend using Google Chrome if problem persists.

Q: I placed an order online but I don’t receive order confirmation nor dispatching notice, what should I do?

A: Email order confirmation with your order details and Tax Invoice will be sent automatically as soon as your order placed. Dispatching email contains Tracking information will be sent on the day of dispatch. If you didn’t receive any of them, make sure you got the correct email address and have checked “Spam” or “Junk Mail” boxes before you contact us. We are glad to help but in most cases you will find them in these places.