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    ZQRacing Alien Gaming Office Chair-Avant Garde Blue

    Order now and dispatch in 3 days.Our Esports Team Special Edition Chairs featuring top Australian Esports Teams sponsored by ZQRacing. Limited in availability.Established in 2013, Avant Garde is one of Australia's and New Zealand’s leading eSports organisations. They invest, develop, and nurture professional gaming teams and personalities across multiple eSports titles. With the foundations firmly cemented, Avant Garde have set strategic goals that support substantial growth, as the entire eSports industry sits on the very cusp of global expansion.
    $549.00 inc. GST
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    ZQRacing Alien Series Gaming Office Chair-Blue/Black

    Our Alien Series have high and wide backrest and deep seat base to provide optimal support and comfort. It is slope shaped side bolsters allow ample upper leg space. It is your very own “Alien Throne”.Fitting Recommendation: -Softness index: Medium -Body Types: Slim, Average, Athletic -Height: <195 cm (6’5’’) -Weight: <130 kg (285 lbs) -Weight Limited: 150 kg (330 lbs)Neck & Lumbar Cushions IncludedSelect your Colour:
    $569.00 $499.00 inc. GST
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    ZQRacing Alien XL Series Gaming Office Chair-Blue/Black

    Alien XL series is your king size "Gaming Throne". Built for people in need of an larger chair with higher and wider backrest, deeper and wider seat base. Upgraded extra large cast Aluminium wheel base provides ultimate stability and style.[embed][/embed]Key Feature: Extra Large and Tall Softness index: Medium Fitting Recommendation: -Body Types: Average, Athletic, Above average -Height: <195 cm (6’5’’) -Weight: <150 kg (330 lbs) -Weight Limited: 180 kg (395 lbs)Neck & Lumbar Cushions Included
    $749.00 inc. GST
  • ZQRacing Back Support Cushion Upgrade Set 2PCS – Black/Blue

    Cushion sets are normally included if you buy a chair. Only buy if you need an extra set.
    $45.99 inc. GST
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    ZQRacing Hyper Sport Series Gaming Office Chair-Black/Blue

    Hyper Sport Series is big on comfort, featuring extra thick padding on side and seat bolsters to make it easier for your back to endure hours of sitting. UV coated Aluminium alloy Star Base offers styling and ultimate sitting experience. Integrated with racing car seat technology, ZQRacing chairs are designed and made with clear focus on ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality perfection. They are designed to relieve and reduce physical and repetitive stress, providing exceptional spine and body support during your toughest task.Neck & Lumbar Cushions Included.
    $569.00 inc. GST
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    ZQRacing V6 Racer Series Gaming Office Chair-Blue/Black

    V6 Racer series is both hot looking and practical. We borrowed the idea of "Gran Turismo" and designed the chair to be well balanced in every aspect. It provides just the right amount of cushioning to help you stay in the optimal posture for longer, which turns hours of seating into an enjoyable journey.Key Feature: GT Spirit Softness index: Medium Fitting Recommendation: Body Types: Slim, Average Height: <183 cm (6’) Weight: <90 kg (200 lbs) Weight Limited: 150 kg (330 lbs)Neck & Lumbar Cushion IncludedSelect your Colour:
    $469.00 inc. GST

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