Order your Spare Parts here

Order your Spare Parts here

Order your Spare Parts here

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Want to buy spare Parts for your chair which is not otherwise listed?

Please contact with customer service at: support@zqracing.com.au and specific the parts you need.

You will be given price and ‘confirmation code’ of this transaction.

Pay with this link by select the price of the item from the drop down menu.

Please put down the “confirmation code’  in ‘customer note’ when check-out so we know exactly what you are ordering.

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You could also buy “Gift Coupon” here as well.

Gift coupons (digital delivered) which could be used on our website only.

Choose the amount and add to cart, you can add as many as you want to make up the $ value you need.

You will get your chosen amount +$1 in coupon, say if you choose $199, you will get $200 worth of coupon. 2x $199 you will get $400.

Use coupon code: “digital” in checkout so you will not be charged shipping.

Once you paid for your order, we will send the gift coupon to your email address used when purchase.

Gift Coupons will never expire but will need to be re-activated (by contacting our customer service) if not used in 2 years from the purchase date.